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The Name

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The Name
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Golam Maula is a well-to-do farmer in the area

Although his real name is Golam Maula, everyone in the area calls him Golam. Some are slave brothers, some are slave uncles, some are slave ali, the elderly are just slaves, etc., etc. Golam Maula means slave of Allah. Only slave means servant.

While listening to the speeches, Golam Maula’s wife Shabnam got annoyed with her husband. She became angry and the people of the area called you a slave. You are a moneylender in the area. Paddy lands in the field, cows in the barn, fish in the pond. During the harvest season, five to seven farmers work on your farmland. Someone’s daughter’s wedding in the area, father’s mourning comes to you for financial help. Even then, everyone in the area calls you a slave. What do you lack? And listening to people, it seems that you are a screwed Adam. Is there nothing to say about your self-esteem?

Do I know why people call me just a slave? Throw people’s words in the oven. What comes in the name? They call me with love. What is my caste? Golam Maula tried to calm down Shabnam.

Shabnam murmurs and pays attention to other things   in her domestic life.

The human mouth can no longer be closed. Golam Maula wonders how to give a suitable answer to his wife. Hundreds of wives! He has to keep that happy. That name doesn’t really matter. If he is a slave, he will be a servant and if he is Akbar, he will be an emperor

Thoughtfully, Golam Maula came out of the house and saw a teenage girl grazing ducks in a ditch on the side of the road. Dirty torn sari on the body. Someone is calling out loud from the house next door. The Queen and the queen came closer in the evening and returned home early with the ducks. Her name is  Queen .  Head of the State. Wearing torn sari, duck grazing.

Market day. Golam Maula is going to the market by rickshaw. The boy who was driving the rickshaw was named Obaidul Quader. Name in the name of the Minister. Drive a rickshaw.

The rickshaw came to the river bank while driving. There is a Kali temple in front. Also a crematorium there. At that time a group of people appeared at the cremation ground with a corpse. To burn. Out of curiosity, Golam Maula wanted to know the identity of the deceased. His name was Amar Mandal, the father of the local Bhupen Mandal. Amar means Immortal’  not to die, to live forever.

Maula reached the market. As he traded in the market, he began to think that he had enough information to explain to his wife. That name doesn’t really matter. He will explain the matter today. All that is needed is a suitable environment.

What can be bought to make the wife happy? Which is not on the wife’s market bargaining list before coming to the market.

Yes, hilsa. Wife’s very favorite hilsa fish. His own choice too. He bought a hilsa to make his wife happy. While picking up the groceries from the bag, Golam Maula saw the shiny silver hilsa in the bag and the smile on his wife’s face.

What’s the matter with such a big hilsa all of a sudden? Hilsa prices have fallen a little in the market? Shabnam asked as she picked up the fish from the bag.

No. No bids. Such large hilsa is not always available. Besides, hilsa is your favorite fish. So I bought it.


His wife fried hilsa in pure mustard oil. The whole house is buzzing with its pungent smell. At night, the husband and wife sit at the table to eat. Shabnam asked her husband how to cook while putting the head of hilsa on the leaves.

Don’t talk anymore! Incomparable. Of course your cooking is always unrivaled. In fact, she is a seasoned cook. Brother -in -law, sister in- law  everyone likes her cooking.

Who doesn’t like to hear praise. Hearing the praise of cooking in her husband’s mouth, Shabnam said happily, “Shall I give you a piece of hilsa egg?”

No, no. Do you have any ?

She replied with a smile, yes I have.

All right. Give me a piece please.

Golam Maula realized that now was the time to talk to his wife.

Shabnam, can I tell you something?


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That is what you often say, people in the village call me by my original name. You feel bad when called this way. Sometimes I like it. But that’s not the point. It doesn’t matter who called you by what name. With this, all the real experiences gathered in the last few days began to tell,

Listen, I saw a teenager in the street that day, grazing ducks. Wearing dirty sari. Her name is Queen. It is not known which queen of the kingdom.

Do you know the name of the person whose rickshaw I went to the market yesterday?


Obaidul Quader. Name in the name of a minister. His uncle is associated with a political party. The influential leader of the party is Obaidul Quader, he is a minister. That is why he named his nephew Obaidul Quader. When his nephew grows up, he says he will run the country as a minister. Minister does not run the country. Drive a rickshaw.

On my way to the market in a rickshaw, I saw the cremation ground of Kali temple  and saw people preparing for a funeral. It was learned that the name of the dead person ‘Immortal’ means one who has no death. Immortal in name, there is no death. He is also dead.

This is the story of your name. Even then, what if someone called me a slave and I became a servant?

There is a song in Bengali movie, ‘There is no identity in the name but in the middle of the work, this is what everyone who is wise and talented says. Golam Maula started singing the song with the melody.

Hey hey stop singing. You don’t have to sit down to eat this deep night and sing. When boys and girls hear you singing, they will tell you nothing but crazy.

But you are not the famous artist of Nazrul’s song Shabnam Mustari. Shabnam is also the heroine of nine Urdu movies. If you are the only wife of Golam Ali, it means’ My sweet heart  ‘Shabnam Ali.’ I love you baby.

Shabnam also said happily, has it happened, has Mr. Golam Ali can I give you another piece of hilsa?

Thanks, no, more today.

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