Father's Day special story:

My Daddy is my God

শনিবার, ১৯ জুন ২০২১

My Daddy is my God
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Auntie, wait a few more days. If the epidemic situation improves, the father will be able to work again. Then we will pay your house rent.

No, I can’t wait any longer. What do you think girls? Will this epidemic go away soon?

Does the epidemic last forever? One day everything will be fine. Please tell us, aunt?

No, I don’t understand kindness. Last two months rent left. This month also you will give if the situation improves. Is there a guarantee of the situation? Without it, your father’s legs hurt. Then he will say that his father is not able to work. Wait a few more days. Don’t get wet with dry words girls . Rent for two months at a time or else vacate the house and move somewhere else.

Where do we go in this lock down?

Where to go, or what to do? It is a matter of your father and daughter. If you want to stay, you have to pay rent. Otherwise, vacate the house. Quite frankly, girl.

I don’t see your father. Where is he?

The father who drove the owner’s rickshaw has gone there. Return now. Adolescent Jyoti Kumari, who is unable to pay the rent due to lack of work due to the lock down in the novel Coronavirus, is facing the same landlord’s demand to pay the rent.

Jyoti is the daughter of a poor rickshaw driver from Bihar. In pursuit of life and livelihood, Father Mohan Paswan drove a rickshaw in Gurugram, Haryana. A few days ago, my father got into an accident while driving a rickshaw. He was hit in the right leg in the accident. Jyoti Kumari, a 15-year-old girl from Gurugram, Haryana, came running from Ajparagaon Darbhanga in Bihar to her father after receiving the news of her father’s accident. Shortly after its arrival, the epidemic novel coronavirus spread worldwide, including in India. Outbreaks of the novel coronavirus have led to a lock down across India, including Hariana. Mohan Paswan, a rickshaw puller from Darbhanga in Bihar, and his daughter Jyoti Kumari are stuck in Hariana like many other workers.

Mohan Paswan left home for work and lived in the foreign state of Hariana. His wife, daughter and other children live in Bihar. From what he used to earn by driving a rickshaw in Hariana, he used to leave as much as he needed for his journey there and send the rest to his wives and daughters in Bihar. Mohan’s wife Pramila Devi used to run the family with that. But a few months ago, he had an accident and stopped earning money. Then the day went on depending on some deposits. But to avoid the corona infection, the poison boiled on the nose in the lock down to the parents. Stay away from the money to buy the necessary medicines, just start eating Exhaustion to get food twice a day. Meanwhile, the landlord’s wife Tageda used to give it to young Jyoti Kumari as she had a few months’ rent left. Which was very embarrassing and annoying to Jyoti. In this situation, Jyoti decides to go back home with her father.

Dad came back from the rickshaw garage owner’s house a little before evening. Leaving a sigh of frustration, he sat down in a chair next to the corner of the verandah and carefully took half of a cigarette out of his pocket. He smoked  halfway around noon and left the rest in his pocket. He put his hand in his pocket again and went to look for a cigarette  lighter.   There was no  lighter in his pocket. He sat there and called the girl, Jyoti.

Jyoti responded from inside the room. After a while he asked again, “When did you come, daddy ?”

This is it! Went to light a little cigarette. I see there is no lighter  in my pocket. Can you arrange a little fire, Honey ?

You sit there, Dad, I’m coming.

With a match in his father’s hand, he asked, why did you go to the garage owner? Dad!

I can’t drive a rickshaw in lock down. Moreover, the pain in the legs is not decreasing. There is no income at all. In this situation, how do I pay the monthly rent of the rickshaw? What else to say about all this.

So what did he say?

He said, panicking. If the situation is not favorable, you do not have to pay rent.

He is a very good man, not so dad!

Yes, very good people. Today I have been driving a rickshaw in his garage for five long years.

Your landlord means the landlord’s wife, but bad women

Why what happened? Did you come again?

Yes, it did. What a chatter chatter of a woman. I don’t like it at all.

Introduced to the father in detail the conversation with the landlord’s wife.

Jyoti then said to his father, you have no income now. Let’s sit down and rent a house, without counting the rickshaw rent, we will go back home for now. Besides, you have medical expenses. When I came, my mother told me to go home with you.

If you say back, you can’t go back. Public transport is closed. How do you get home after crossing so many paths, Baby?

Many are walking.

Mohan laughed when he heard his daughter’s words. Do you know how far our house is from here?

How far is Dad?

It must be 1,200 kilometers. Moreover my legs ache. Can I walk that far?

Then you buy me a bicycle, Dad. I will put you on the back of the bicycle and the two fathers and daughters will leave Haryana for Bihar.

Dad smiled again when he heard about riding the bicycle. Said it is not a 30-40 km road, 1,200 km, inaccessible road. There are so many roads to ride a bicycle. Ray is crazy!

I can do it. You don’t remember I was fast in school cycling.

That was 100 meters. And it is 1,200 kilometers.

Yet I must be able to. Even if you tolerate someone reprimanding my father for his helplessness, I can’t stand it. Especially the chattering chatter of that depraved woman.

I studied religion at school,

Father is heaven, father is religion,If the father is satisfied, the gods are also satisfied.

All right, Baby. If you want to please God, I will not stop it. Seeing the deep love and fighting spirit of the daughter towards the father, the father Mohan Paswan agreed to buy a bicycle.

At that time the sound of the evening worship bell came from a distant temple. The wife and daughter-in-law of the house next door also began to convey the message of the evening in  the voice of prayer .

Reassured by his father’s words, Jyoti stood up and said, “Daddy , you sit down and smoke a cigarette. I will recover in the evening.”

The next day Mohan bought a second hand bike from a neighbor. Jyoti was very happy to see the bicycle. She said to her father, it is not too late. After paying all the troubles of the landlord, our father-daughter cycle journey will be tomorrow. Hariana to Bihar. This history of father-daughter cycling will be remembered in the world.

Can you ?

By the grace of God and your blessing, I will be able to. And I will let India know that Mohan Paswan’s daughter Jyoti Kumari is not a bad girl. A piece of steel.

So be it mother, so be it. Mohan Paswan openly blessed his daughter.

The next day, after paying off all the debts of the landlord, Jyoti Kumari, a fifteen-year-old girl, put her father on a bicycle carrier and stepped on the pedal of the bicycle.

After walking a few kilometers, my father showed me a banyan tree and said, “Stay there for a while. Girl , Need a little rest. I have tried hard.” Not drinking a little water.

He came under a tree, drank a bottle of water and a few biscuits from a bag hanging on his bicycle, and fed the girl. After a short rest, Jyoti stepped on the paddle again.

Jyoti got tired of cycling all day. The sun has also set on the western horizon. And will sink in a while. Where to rest at night? Thinking, he parked the bicycle on the side of the highway. At this time, my father also got down from the bicycle and sat a little far away to respond to the call of nature.

At that time a lorry was going through the highway. Lorry stopped when she saw a girl alone on a bicycle on the side of the road.

As he approached, the driver’s helper sat down in the lorry and lowered the window and asked, “What are you doing here, this girl?”

We will go to Bihar.

We mean? Who else is with you?

My father. Jyoti pointed to her finger and showed that he was sitting to urinate.

Our lorry will go to Bihar. Will you go with us?

Hearing the helper’s words, Jyoti called out to her father in a loud voice, “Daddy, come quickly.” This lorry will go to Bihar.

Is that so? Maybe God has been gracious to us.

Mohan hurried on and asked Laurie’s helper, “Will you really go that way, Brother ?” I am from Hariana. My leg hurts a lot. The little girl came on a bicycle. He has suffered a lot. We would be very benefited if you take us with you.

At that time the driver shouted and asked, Ganesh, why argue?

Guvno, will they go to Bihar?

How much will it cost?

This time Ganesh  aimed at Mohan Paswan and asked, how much will this gentleman pay ?

We do not have the money to fare, brother? There are only six hundred rupees.

Guvno, they want to pay six hundred rupees. Ganesh called his driver.

The rent of 6 thousand rupees is 6 hundred  rupees?

Was he my grandfather in a previous birth ? That six thousand rupees fare should be taken at six hundred rupees? Tell him to ride the bike, not the lorry. Ganesha continues without exaggerating.

The  lorry  let out a black smoke and left the place.At night, the father and daughter rode their bicycles to a fuel pump station on the side of the highway in Nigohi town. After breakfast at a nearby restaurant, they were about to leave for Bihar again when a lorry arrived. This time Jyoti  went forward towards the lorry driver. Asked, uncle, where will your lorry go?

When Jyoti was about to talk to the driver, her father recalled the behavior of the previous drivers and forbade her to talk to him. I do not know the face of any reprimand?

Jyoti then said to her father, all the people in the world are the same, daddy?

Hearing Jyoti’s words, the driver himself asked Jyoti, Why is she saying that The driver replied in a gentle voice.

Jyoti got a little confidence after hearing the flexible answer of the driver. He told the driver about his father and her plight.

Then the driver said, our lorry will not go to Bihar. Go to Jainpur. Then do one thing, take our lorry to Lucknow. From there you can reach Bihar directly through Faizabad.

We can’t afford to hire you Brother,  Mohan told the driver.

Hey Mister, don’t  worry about the  fare , come with me. The driver said with a smile.

Jyoti and her father got into the lorry. He also picked up the bicycle. The lorry ran towards Jainpur after dropping them   to Lucknow.

Again those two wheels trust. His determination is to return home with his father. Sati really put her father on the back of a bicycle carrier and at one point reached the village of Darbhanga in Bihar. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. But Jyoti, a 15-year-old girl, smiled and said that it was a difficult task for her father.

Again those two wheels trust. His determination is to return home with his father. Sati really put her father on the back of a bicycle carrier and at one point reached the village of Darbhanga in Bihar. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. But Jyoti, a 15-year-old girl, smiled and said that it was a difficult task for her father.

When she reached home in the guise of a hero with her father, what indifferent joy was in Jyoti’s eyes! Neighbors came and crowded into their house. At this time an aunt of the house next door asked, when did you leave Hariana?

But Jyoti has forgotten when she left Hariana for Bihar. Just muttered, the day will be closest to eight.

(Based on a true story )

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