Georgia should immediately close the amusement machine and lottery to prevent COVID -19 Novel Coronavirus

সোমবার, ১৩ এপ্রিল ২০২০

Georgia should immediately close the amusement machine and lottery to prevent COVID -19  Novel Coronavirus
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In Georgia COVID-19 novel coronavirus condition is getting worse day by day. Every day it worsens more. The number of infected people continues to grow higher until now none of the preventive measures could control the spreading of the virus.

Georgia public health officials reported  286 new cases of COVID-19 at noon Sunday, bringing the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the state to 12,550. The latest data from the Georgia Department of Public Health also shows one new death related to the coronavirus since Saturday evening, making an overall death toll of 442.

To stop further spreading of the Coronavirus, Governor Brian Kemp order “Shelter in place” to stay in the home until 13th April later he increases the order by one more month until 13th May.

In the “Shelter in place” order, he said all the essential businesses such as gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacy and restaurants (Only take out or delivery) will be open to supporting people’s daily life. Customers and people must maintain the social distance of six-foot from each-other. But it in doubts that the law enforcement officials are enforcing the order properly because our reporter went out and visited the store a few times but he never came to an obstacle or challenged by any law enforcement official.

In the state, each city has the gas station’s those are not closed and in those gas station’s they have amusement machine ( Cash operated  Gaming machine). The customers are playing those machine’s and if someone is infected they are spreading the virus into their family. In the “Shelter in place” order it is clearly stated that people should maintain a six-foot social distance but in a lot of places this order is followed and in the gas station’s social distancing order are not followed properly. It is doubtful that the gas station owners are spry the disinfecting sanitizer in those machines.

There is also the lottery control by the State and operated by the gas station, grocery, and convenience store’s, people are coming to the store and playing the lottery every day and they are spreading the virus that way as well.

Playing the lottery or the amusement machine is not important for everyday life. To defeat Coronavirus the lottery and amusement should be close without any delay.

The Saturday news / Atlanta / April 13, 2020

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