Bangladeshi Democrats celebrate Memorial Day

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Bangladeshi Democrats celebrate Memorial Day



Saturday Report: May 25th, the Memorial Day was celebrated at a local restaurant in Norcross organized by the Democratic Party of Bangladesh. Gwinnett Democratic Party First Vice Chair Penny Bernneth, Vice Chair Ilene and ex-vice chair Jay was present there. Ahmadur Rahman give welcome address and hand over to Mohon Jabbar to conduct Meeting. Presented person was Jahangir Hossain (President of BAG), Sheikh Jamal , Nehal Mahmud , Awlad Hossain , Mohin Uddin Dulal, Ohin Das, Ovishek Shyam and more. Due to heavy rain and storm some other can’t join but they show their support.

IMG_1802Discussion was about immigration, education for our Children , Health care and how community can get more involved with Democratic Party.

Vice Chair Penny Bernenth mentioned that in her speech, Ahmadur Rahman is secretary of Asian American Caucus of Georgia Democratic Party as well he is Director of Asian Outreach of Gwinnett Democratic Party. He is the person to work with you as coordinator . BAG President Jahangir Hossain said we represents more than 20 thousand Bangladeshi American in Georgia and more than 85 percents are Democrats. Meeting followed by Dinner .

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